The McKeever School of Irish Dance offers Irish dance lessons to beginner through champion levels, and to both children and adults. Owner and instructor Nicole McKeever, T.C.R.G, has the expertise you need to help you achieve your goals in dance!

Here, students have the opportunity to learn, master, and preserve the art of Irish Dancing. It is our goal to allow students to train as athletes, artists, and performers — training the future of the art form, while preserving its past. Preparing a young dancer mentally, physically, and creatively is our primary objective, and classes are offered in both solo and team choreography. Future aspirations include the creation of a dance company that can offer students a professional performance experience

As part of CLARA’s partnership with Sacramento City Unified School District, McKeever School of Irish Dance provides 10-week Irish Dance residencies to the 3rd-grade students of Hollywood Park Elementary School and teaches a unit on Irish Dance at the CLARA Performing Arts Summer Camp.

McKeever School of Irish Dance location at CLARA