CLARA — the E. Claire Raley Studios for the Performing Arts — is a 501(c)3 organization with a mission of promoting arts education and long-term artistic sustainability through collaborative community partnerships.

How it works

CLARA is housed in the historic Fremont School in Midtown Sacramento, which was donated to the project by Sacramento City Unified School District for $1 per year.

CLARA rents studio and performance space to performing arts and cultural groups. Rent at CLARA is a combination of traditional, but low-cost, cash rent, and in-kind rent.

Traditional rent

Traditional rent is a pro-rata percentage of the total property expenses and is approximately half the rate for comparable rental space in the area. This lower cost means that the cultural tenants of this building are able to invest more resources for long-term efforts to stabilize and grow their organization.

In-Kind rent

In-kind rent is paid to Sacramento City Unified School District in the form of arts education programs provided to the District’s public schools at no cost to the District. Tenant arts groups participate in a variety of ways, including program scholarships, work-based learning internships, in-school artist residencies, and free tickets to student productions. This year, CLARA arts groups provided more than 1,700 students with over 6,500 hours of performing arts education and access.

CLARA’s business model provides space for the artists of today to create, collaborate, and grow, while simultaneously ensuring the future of the arts in Sacramento by investing in our next generation of artists and audiences.

CLARA and its cultural tenants are deeply grateful to the partnerships with the City of Sacramento, Sacramento City Unified School District, the Raley-Teel family, and many other artists and visionaries who had the foresight to make our work possible!