The Art of Leadership and Teaching Artistry: Training for Emerging Teaching Artists

The Art of Leadership and Teaching Artistry (ALTA) Workshops are designed to support artists interested in developing their leadership skills through the arts and/or becoming trained teaching artists in a classroom setting. 

Artists will learn the fundamental tools necessary to teach their craft while building personalized approaches to building community and culture as an arts leader. Workshop content will address specific topics such as strengthening relationships in the classroom, establishing procedures and capturing attention, and effective communication strategies in individual and group settings.

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Professional Development for Established Teaching Artists and Classroom Teachers

CLARA’s Established Teaching Artist Workshops bring teaching artists and classroom teachers together to work side-by-side to create arts-integrated curriculum in English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. 

This symbiotic relationship between artists and teacher will serve two purposes: the classroom teacher will be able to share classroom management techniques and lesson planning skills with the artists while the teaching artists will share their arts expertise to make learning through the arts more comfortable and successful for the classroom teacher.

These workshops are led by CLARA’s education director, Emili Danz, with other local industry experts contracted for certain sessions, and concludes with purposeful conversation among attendees to foster meaningful connections and collaboration within our arts community.