The Auditorium at CLARA is a sun-drenched center for groundbreaking and experimental local live entertainment, multi-disciplinary performances, meetings, and special events. Experience the creativity and unique energy of this beautiful show + gathering space for yourself by attending one of our upcoming events listed below.

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Address for street directions:
1425 24th Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
(Corner of 24th + O Streets, on CLARA property)

Sacto Unplugged presents: Be Brave Bold Robot / Drop Dead Red

What is Sacto Unplugged?
Sacto Unplugged Songwriter Series provides opportunity to Local Artists, to set up side-by-side other Artists in the Series, to present original & relevant music, and answer relevant questions between songs from either the Host of the show, or the Audience.

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Jane’s Dancing Hands Circle

Jane's Dancing Hands events are potent movement, self-healing, and empowerment events, with yoga, stretching, and dance with all participants wishing to move even a single digit.

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