Event Information

  • Event Date:
  • Event Time: 7:30 pm
  • Location: CLARA 1425 24th St, Sacramento, 95816

Arco Íris LIVE Concert and Sound Healing

Experience the Hierofante’s rainbow temple of sound. A sonic initiation of voice, flute, harpsichord, crystal bowls and electronics.

About this event

Arco Íris is a Juilliard trained composer, singer, flutist, pianist and producer.

During his first public solo show, Arco Íris will take you on a soul’s journey into the mystery schools of old. Drawing from his first experimental mystic album Hierofante, he offers songs which can function as initiations for you, the listener in the temple of your heart. Each song is a journey and is aligned with one of the seals of the energy centers or chakras. With the angels of the 7 seals he guides you on the crystalline path of the initiate where tears become the bees of wisdom, shame becomes a golden key, light balances holy darkness and the ocean of your soul is reclaimed.

Open your mind, open your heart for the songs to bring forth the healing journey of sound and spirit appropriate for you in this time in space. Here you will discover the alchemy of transformation.

To receive a free song and purchase the album visit www.iamarcoiris.com