CLARA believes that the arts enrich lives — and access to quality arts education has the potential to transform a child’s future. Here are the programs we use to provide students with this essential access.


This listing is meant as supplemental information for the Education Program Manager position listed in July 2022. Oversight of these programs in total will be split between this position and an existing program manager with programs being assigned based on their unique skills and experience. Key duties and responsibilities for each program are listed below, recognizing that the position may be asked to take on other duties as necessary for the success of each program or the overall arts education department.


IN-SCHOOL & AFTER SCHOOL ARTIST RESIDENCIES: Professional teaching artists come into the classroom for a 10-week residency to provide standards-aligned arts curriculum to students grades TK-12. We are currently contracted to serve 100% of students at 10+ schools with residencies next semester.

After-school programs also fall under this umbrella but do not require standards-aligned curriculum.

Teaching artist residencies — offered in Spring 2023 as part of our soon-to-launch teaching artist training program — will also fall under this umbrella. Candidate will:

  • Work with classroom teachers and teaching artists to build programming schedules that balance teacher interests and artist availability.
  • Maintain regular communication with teaching artists to ensure that they have the resources and supports necessary to provide high-quality programming to all students.
  • Work with classroom teachers to administer post- program surveys.
  • Ensure that programmatic data is communicated to stakeholders, as well as education and executive directors for funding needs.
  • In partnership with education director, meet with potential school sites to discuss implementation of future programming.

CLARA CLASSROOM: Teachers use this platform to bring a virtual teaching artist into their classroom or remote learning environment to provide music, dance, and theater arts education directly to students. The successful candidate in this position will ideally get a little geeky about technology platforms and data, and enjoy working with experts to build out backend. Candidate will: 

  • Build school and classroom licenses through our online teaching platform.
  • Work with our education director and district stakeholders to schedule program rollout for contracted districts.
  • Work with web developer to support the back-end needs of the online platform (no programming skills required).
  • In partnership with the education director, identify future program modules and help build the budgets to create them.
  • Schedule meetings between education outreach director and stakeholders in prospective districts to discuss how CLARA Classroom can be a solution to their arts education needs.

SUMMER CAMP: CLARA provides performing arts camps open to all levels and abilities for six weeks over the summer. Camps are for ages 6-10 and 11-18; camp format introduces students to 15 different genres of dance, music, and theater with a culminating performance event for the community. Candidate will:

  • Contract and schedule teaching artists.
  • Manage student registration and payment cycle; be primary point of contact with parents.
  • Assist with camp setup and logistics (equipment/material distribution, practice and performance set-up, snack service for students, etc).
  • Facilitate smooth and orderly operation of all camp activities.
  • Serve as a teaching assistant for classroom activities as needed.
  • Lead group activities and classes as needed.
  • Assist with behavior management for students.
  • Stage production management for final performances.
  • Generate social media content relating to camp activities.

ARTS UP FRONT: Students learn about technical careers available in the performing arts through interactive workshops and digital field trips prior to attending a live performance. Candidate will:

  • Work with CLARA tenant organizations Sacramento Ballet and Capital Stage to identify appropriate production and relevant workshops to highlight thematic lessons of the work.
  • Collaborate with identified teaching artists to design curriculum and schedule workshops.
  • Coordinate workshop schedule and field trip needs with participating classroom teachers.
  • Attend field trips and serve as an additional chaperone / on-site liaison with theater.
  • Work with classroom teachers to administer post- program surveys.