Diana Argueta joined CLARA in December 2023 as the Operations Associate and Rentals Coordinator.

She is passionate about acting and is very active in the local theater and arts community, whether it be by starring in or attending shows and events in the area. One thing that excited her about CLARA was its education program that serves schools in the area –her own little sister’s enthusiasm for the CLARA residency experience was a deciding factor for Diana, who first became interested in the arts at 10 years old after being immersed in acting, writing, and filmmaking for the entirety of 5th grade while making educational videos. Since then she’s gone on to express that part of herself however she can, and has had some awesome experiences and met great people because of it. Knowing that everyone has a creative side to them in some form is fascinating to her, and she actively tries to help nurture and support that in anyone who needs some help bringing it out.

Diana comes to CLARA with high goals, previously working in a fast paced call center/delivery service department where she moved up from Level 1 Agent to Operations Manager in 3 years. She loves structure and organization and is ready to be a bridge between CLARA, its tenants, and anyone who’s interested in working with us, whether by renting a space or any other inquiries.

She’s very excited to be part of the team and can’t wait to see how CLARA progresses in the future as a place that enriches the community by providing a space for creatives to come and grow, and inspiring the next generation of artists.