Updated 9/20/2023


Following the lawsuit filed by the Brazilian Center, we are working with an attorney and cannot comment on legal matters.

The details of the situation with the Brazilian Center have not changed. Earlier this year, the CLARA Board made the decision to repurpose the space used by the Brazilian Center, which is our largest space. The Board plans to make it available to a variety of cultural groups on a more temporary, rotational basis, to provide greater access to more members of the underserved arts community in Sacramento.

The CLARA Board exercised its option to end the lease per the terms of the month-to-month agreement and not for cause. The Board went above and beyond by extending the deadline to vacate beyond 30 days to allow the Brazilian Center more time to transition, and the Board continued to meet with the Brazilian Center to ensure a smooth transition. Unfortunately, those talks were not successful. The Board was left with no choice but to file a forcible detainer to remove the Brazilian Center from the space, which took place just before the lawsuit was filed.

CLARA, a non-profit organization, is committed to providing education and resources to unleash the creative potential of local arts and culture in Sacramento. With this latest development, the Board is now forced to focus significant resources and energy on legal matters instead of dedicating its full attention to the arts.