Jay Swanson is a seasoned producer and event planner with a background in the theater and non-profit spaces. Her experience includes being the sole proprietor of a production house with one of the longest running, most consistently attended cabaret event series in Sacramento, as well as a position on the executive team of the largest annual fundraiser for the Burlesque Hall of Fame Museum in Las Vegas, NV. Beyond hundreds of her own events with Sizzlehouse Productions/The Siren Events, Jay has had a hand in the production of many other festival-style events in her career, including multiple annual food festivals with SactoMoFo in Sacramento, and Women’s Travel Fest in NYC.

Moving to Sacramento from Chicago by way of Oahu in 2007, Jay has been a proud Sacramentan for the past 12 years. Through her work at CLARA she looks forward to contributing to the continued growth and development of the arts in the Capital City, and truly believes that together, we CCAN!