Event Information

An Irish Dance Competition is called a “Feis” which is a Gaelic (native Irish) word for dance competition. There are currently only 5 Irish Dance competitions hosted in Northern California. The McKeever School Feis will be the 6th! Our goal is to provide an annual opportunity for Irish Dancers in the Western Region to excel in their art form, strengthen our dance community, and showcase our beautiful city of Sacramento.

Competitive Irish Dancers progress through five levels to achieve the top title of Open Champion.  As Champion dancers they are able to represent our art form on a Regional, National, and ultimately World level of competition.

Families love to turn their feis weekends into a mini-vacation. This is our first annual competition, and dancers will look forward to their weekend in Sacramento for years to come!

There are opportunities available for event sponsorship, visit our website for more information. Dance is an outlet for children to develop confidence, perseverance, and joy, and the competition is a platform for these hardworking and talented athletes to showcase their love of dance.