Event Information

  • Event Date:
  • Event Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Studio: CLARA Artist Development
  • Location: The Auditorium at CLARA - 1425 24th St

The Art of Leadership and Teaching Artistry (ALTA) is a monthly professional development workshop which supports artists interested in developing their leadership skills through the arts and becoming trained teaching artists in a classroom setting. Learn about the complete series here.

As an artist, we often explain what we do and how we do it — but can you explain WHY? How do you know when your work is making an impact? And how do you measure success?

In the classroom, being able to “define the why” is essential — it helps you make the arts relevant to students’ lives, and it helps you understand how to tie your curriculum to state learning standards.

This two-hour workshop will help you “define the why” of your art, and understand how to incorporate that into your teaching practice.

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