CATALYST is an apprentice program for to emerging artists age 16 – 18, activated through digital group workshops and one-on-one coaching and mentoring over 8 months in the 20-21 school year.

Emerging artists will be paired with a mentor artist in their genre and style from the Sacramento area. Mentors will engage in skill sharing, offer active listening, guidance based on relevant experience, thoughtful encouragement, feedback and support to emerging artists as they hone their craft and style throughout the program.

Emerging artists will digitally convene once a month as a cohort, and one-on-one with CLARA coaches, who will lead a series of workshops focused on building personal capacity, emotional intelligence, organizational and communication skills geared toward the working artist experience.

CATALYST Participation Includes:

  • Monthly Digital Group Workshop 
  • Monthly CLARA Coach one-on-one call
  • Monthly Mentor one-on-one observation and skill sharing session
  • 2x Monthly Mentor one-on-one call
  • Dedication to regular solo practice and development of your craft

Mandatory Workshop Dates Include:

October 10 |  November 7  |  December 5  |  January 9
February 6  |  March 6  |  April 3  |  May 8