Mission Statement

The mission of Capitol Indie Collective is to provide education and a platform for independent artists to be inspired, practice their art form, and deliver compelling works of art, making impact with personal meaning and social relevance from several different disciplines, backgrounds, and demographics in a stimulating and nurturing environment.
Services / classes:
Media Mentoring — CIC offers classes to the community on responsible Digital Content creation and consumption. In addition, CIC offers business mentorship to Artists wishing to become Entrepreneurs. With so much multi-media competing for attention, we aim to create stories worthy of telling and hearing. What is YOUR story?
Fashion Challenge — This annual challenge has launched fashion designers and provided career growth through a thrilling 10-day spectacle; adding unique portfolio pieces to designer resumes.
ART soup — It’s a community dinner mashed together with a “Shark Tank” like pitch session for Artists of all disciplines. Artists are instantly funded when the audience chooses their small arts project proposal.  Eat. Vote. Fund. Repeat. First Tuesday of every month, in the CLARA Auditorium.
Media/Video Production — CIC offers the finest in HD production and creative services.  We offer a discounted services to non-profits and reasonable rates that can fit any business needs. Our members have produced everything from small PSA’s to National Advertising to Feature Length Films.